#PJstories – Interview with Marta Martínez

Marta participated in the Youth Exchange Not in our name” in Marrakesh, Morocco

Hello Marta ¿Can you give us an overall opinion on the project Not in our name?

In general the project “Not in our name” has been a space where we had to leave behind our prejudices and closed ideas and we decided to take give priority to listening, sharing and approaching other points of view. We have given shape to the project through the content that we poured on it, we have communicated with people with realities very foreign to ours and we have constantly enriched ourselves thanks of this. In general “Not in our Name” has become a project open to participation, dynamic and above all very active, allowing us to have a voice and responsibility with every word, action or collaboration that we contributed to the group. 

How did the group affect your personal experience during this youth exchange?

The people coming from Spain were very close to each other, it gave me the feeling that we shared the essence of a mental flexibility that allowed us to support and listen to each other at every moment. We accompanied each other throughout the process and we were always willing to meet people and meet other people in other contexts so alien. I liked the project group, the people were very different from each other, but nevertheless, that is what makes me value relations more; the fact that even though we are so different we can connect at some point, find a common point and start talking, laughing or even talking about the depths of the ocean. You never know what you can found, but if something was clear to me it is that the borders are in our mind and that we are more than where we come from, because we are also where we are going and what kind of conception of the world we carry “as a flag”.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the project?

The most important thing that I have learned during the project is something that I will keep learning and it is all that the people can contribute to you, that is really what makes up the place where you are and what gives meaning to what you are doing. But this time I liked the need to use a language that was not native to any of us, the fact of finding ourselves in a place as magical as Morocco and the variety of so different countries that have come together this time. This mixture has seemed very intense and has made me believe even more in the need and pleasure of communicating, watching, having fun and enjoying every opinion and every gesture, regardless of where it comes from and where it goes. I have learned that many people believe in the need for a more just world, that we want to change things through critical ideas and hopefully this is a great impulse to carry out the actions that lead us to generate changes.
Thank you for everything!

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