#PJstories – Interview with Lucía

Lucía participated in the Youth Exchange “We are all equal in creativity” in Faenza, Italy

Hello Lucía! Can you tell us about your experience in the project  “We are all equal in creativity”?

It has been an intense week in which we have shared laughter, experiences and confidences with people from different countries and with cultures perhaps seemingly very different from our own, but in the background with similar values and interests that gradually brought us closer by establishing incredible connections.

And here, I would like to make a special mention of my Spanish team, that although we didn`t know each other before start this project, all of us we have connected from the first moment, we have helped and supported, laughed, shared special moments that will left in our memory and we also have formed a friendship that will last much beyond these 9 days ..

For me, in particular, I have learned from them the importance of being curiosity, the importance of being yourself in each moment as each one is, that we have to live every day as if it were the last one (carpe diem), to value small things and the simplest ones, and how important is the sense of humour in the day to day among many other things.

All this was possible thanks to the efforts made by the host organization SE.M.I (Elisa, Marco, María …). They have ensured that the place, the schedule and services facilitate the maximum use during all the activities and free time. They have achieved a perfect balance between energizers, debates, games, cooking workshops and reflection activities although this was their first project and I think we have all learned to foster our creativity and to take advantage of it. I have also found very interesting the topic of refugee asylum seekers, as this is a very actual and important issue for EU countries. In addition, we had the opportunity to know from first-hand experience this complex phenomenon thanks to the participation of 7 refugees who have told us their stories.

From the project I take a lot of logic games, energizers and activities to put into practice in future Erasmus + projects, tips, incredible moments, a lot of desire to travel and see again the people with whom I have shared this experience and about all, I wish a lot to participate again in Erasmus + projects organized by SEMI (Seeds for more Culture).


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